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NYC Hospital


8,000 sq ft

renovation in an
active hospital

2 weeks

reduction in the construction schedule

7,100+ lbs

of construction waste diverted from landfills

New York, New York


A forward-thinking hospital and construction manager find a faster, cleaner, and more sustainable option to build.

Working closely with Lendlease and a state-of-the-art Healthcare System, we evaluated taking a manufactured construction approach to renovating a floor at a busy hospital instead of conventional construction. By comparing cost, schedule impact, install sequence and process, the team was able to determine that a DIRTT construction solution would be the best construction method for this critical project. While the cost came in at a premium, the process was able to reduce the construction by two weeks. Getting the project up and running early easily offset the additional cost.


In evaluating the same approach for a new project, our team was able to work with the team much earlier in the process. This allowed the cost difference between a conventional approach and a manufactured construction approach to be within a 2% difference in cost with a guaranteed two-week reduction in construction schedule!


Perkins Eastman



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