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Englewood Hospital and Medical Center



linear feet of
manufactured wall systems installed to date

5 projects

including multiple
floors + phases

13,600 lbs

of construction waste diverted from landfills

Englewood, NJ

With the goal to create a better patient experience, this forward-thinking hospital embraces a flexible solution.

For over five years, Englewood Hospital has seen tremendous success in using the off-site construction method with DIRTT solutions to build out a multi-phase plan. Their goal is to offer patients private rooms to prevent the spread of infection and create greater hospitality throughout the facility.


Each wing undergoes renovation in phases, working on half the floor at a time. Leveraging an off-site construction method ensures a fast and clean construction process that mitigates dust to allow operations to continue on the occupied side of floor.


RSC Architects


Englewood Hospital Contracting Staff

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