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VR makes it possible to experience spaces before they are built. Tools like ICE let you see changes and cost implications in real time, so you can make decisions confidently.


Take a tour of the new Meadowlands Chamber Headquarters (MCHQ) with our fly-through digital video.


We provide modular construction systems that yield design freedom and offer unique solutions that bring together technology and off-site construction to change how interior spaces are built.

Not just for today. Building for tomorrow. 

Modular construction is an alternative, off-site construction method that empowers innovation and provides a greater level of certainty to the process.

Visual Certainty

What you see is what you get. VR immersive experiences help us visualize a space as it’s being designed. You see exactly where money is being spent to facilitate making design decisions, while rapid manufacturing and efficient installation accelerate the project.

Cost Certainty

Get more through less. We use technology to mitigate risk and cost uncertainty. Real time project pricing is generated throughout the design process so we can easily see cost implications of all changes. Transparency you can count on. 

Time Certainty

Speed up our construction timelines by as much as 30%. Technology allows for the simultaneous creation of design, pricing and manufacturing code, which means fast manufacturing with guaranteed delivery dates.


Focus on the Client

We focus on providing best value to achieve our clients’ goals. We balance budget with off-site construction solutions to optimize skilled trades required, reduce construction schedules, and ensure that we’re not sacrificing on the fit and finish desired in the new space.

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Design Assist

Working with clients early in the construction process, we provide pre-construction design services that add value by delivering granular cost estimating, scheduling, and construction documentation during the design phase, streamlining the entire process.

Visualize Ideas

Clients can explore their design in 3D and real-time.  From 3D renderings to fly-throughs of space to full immersive Virtual Reality experience, technology makes it easy to communicate design to facilitate decision making and instill confidence.

Deliver Precision

A dedicated team ensures that off-site construction elements follow accurate field dimensions. Measurements are taken just days before they arrive on site, allowing them to be built with exacting precision to fit the base building perfectly.

Streamline Trades

Most of the interior walls, power, networks, cabinets and doors are built off-site. The trades putting in the mechanical, lighting, ceiling and flooring can work in a wide-open space with little material waste and fewer journeyman hours.

Drive Sustainability

We apply lean principles to minimize waste in our process and in the resources/materials used. Ending costly outdated construction habits maximizes value for our clients.

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Show Your Colors 

Celebrate brand and culture with the right imaging and branding opportunities. We offer painting, wallcovering, film, and imaging solutions. From concept to installation, we create beautiful, engaging and inspired environments unique to you.


We deliver certainty in the uncertain world of construction.

- ForBuild™ Team


It's a partnership.

Change is inevitable. Spaces will need to adapt to new work styles and technology needs. We can easily reconfigure manufactured construction elements to ensure your space continues to work for you.

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